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I have a confession: I am addicted to helping people feel awesome. Ever since I was young I have LOVED experimenting with hair, makeup, clothes, etc. and later in life when I realized I could make a living doing that, I started working with my friends all over the country bringing that vision to reality. I originally conceived of The Gal Squad as my lifestyle brand, an all-encompassing take on helping people be their best selves with an added emphasis and spotlight on the female entrepreneur and I'd like for that to be only the beginning. As the Squad grows there will be lots more offerings and hopefully collaborations. I hope you enjoy the work and the experience because I am VERY proud to share it with you! - Wendy Gallo Sloan, Chief Empowerment Officer and Founder of The Gal Squad. 

Our Mission

The mission of The Gal Squad is to share the gift of beauty and feeling beautiful to every person that wants it! There are plenty of ways that can be acheived but the Squad can provide a number of those services right in one location. Hair, makeup and styling are just the beginning...  as we grow we will be building an arsenal of experts in fitness, nutrition, event planning, interior design, massage therapy, and hopefully MUCH MUCH more. 

Our Vision

Our invitation

If you are a female entrepreneur with a service, product, brand, idea or desire to network please take a moment and email us at My dream is for this squad to rival that of Hollywood IT girls, supermodels, even Taylor Swift... If you think you've got something to add to what we are offering - don't be afraid - JOIN US! 

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